Sponsors + Vendors

If you’re a brand looking to get exposure to both attendees and our digital community, be a sponsor of KINECTION! If you’re someone with a product you’d like to sell at KINECTION, be a vendor. Either way, we’re excited to introduce you to the KINECTION fam!

Musicians, Artists + Creatives

KINECTION isn’t KINECTION without art, music + whatever else you bring to life. Painters, jewelers, drummers, hoopers, hip hop troupes, ballerinas, vocalists + everything in between/beyond welcome.

instructors + healers

We move and breathe to connect further with our community as a whole; we move + breathe to connect deeper with ourselves as individuals. Fitness/yoga/dance instructors, meditation guides, sound healers, reiki masters, physical therapists, massage therapists + any other healing, inspiring + motivating spirits welcome!

Want to get involved in some other way? We’re open to anything! Reach out here.